OUT NOW!!! All your favorite Digital outlets!!

OUT NOW!!! All your favorite Digital outlets!!

Welcome to the Republic...

We are BlackStar Republic. A Texas hard rock/metal band from the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Our music is a mix of many genres and influences. Keep up to date with our music, shows, tours and other important info. 

Latest News....

Our new music video is out now!!!

 Get your tickets to the Ridglea Metalfest now!!! Drowning Pool, Bury your Dead and return of Lockjaw!! Click on the Ridglea metal fest flyer and get your tickets now!!

Nuclear Hollywood is out NOW!!! Get it!!


Our new song Nuclear Hollywood will be in the soon to be released film Cherokee Creek!! stay tuned for more details!





BlackStar Republic

Acadia Bar an dGrill, Houston TX

Joining us Rivethead and Torrid Complex

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